Job Hunt

I can totally sympathize with the guy in the cartoon. Aside from that, I have been interviewing for several different types of positions. Some are for penetration testing and consulting which I feel is one of the most fun jobs in the world. Others are for "Security Architect" type positions which give you an overall view of an infosec program and the different layers an organization has in place. Lastly, I have looked at a few security analyst positions where you do a little bit of everything for an organization. These are all critical roles and all opportunities for me to learn new things especially for the individual organizations based on how they do business. A few of the opportunities are contract-based positions which would allow me to start up my own vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and compliance business. I can definitely say that all of these are quite intriguing and I am looking forward to the opportunity to continue learning and move forward. The toughest part are the moving as we were hoping to stay in Knoxville. Thus far, here are the possible locations:
California - contract
Ohio - contract
North California - perm
Florida - perm
DC - both
Texas - perm

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