Nexus One Awesomeness

Several months ago I purchased my Nexus One and started goofing with it and installing all manner of applications. Once I finished messing with things like wallpaper and ringtones I decided to go a step further. Last weekend I rooted the phone and installed Ubuntu. The phone now runs a full Ubuntu 9.10 install without the GUI. So far, I have installed NMAP, OpenVAS, and I am working on Metasploit. I also managed to get a packet sniffer installed, but I am quickly running out of space on my Sandisk 4GB MicroSd card. I am ordering a 16GB card and will then perform a reinstall and see what kind of platform I have available. The Android OS is truly amazing and powerful. I have also learned that the Broadcom chip is 802.11 b/g/n compatible and has FM RX and TX. Additionally, the camera is capable of shooting in 720p. I am still working on enabling the functionality in those last two sentences but I am pretty pumped about the phone's capability.

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