Laptop Bag Review (Spire Torq)

I needed a pack that can carry a Dell M4500, a few hard drives, some wireless gear, and standard office-type junk. This pack is perfect, it's construction appears much sturdier than anything else I looked at. After 8 months of abuse, I travel a lot, it looks brand new. The laptop sleeve, and the hanging design, are perfect.

The interior has enough pockets and zippers for me to adequately separate my gear by function. I can get to what I want easily even when it is stuffed under an airplane seat. It seems to fit there fine and I can still rest my size 12 shoes comfortably next to it.

The exterior has the "must-have" features I couldn't find in other packs like compression straps, stowable waist belt, molle-type loops in the front, and rings for attaching things to the outside of the pack. For the outside rings, I attach a ball cap and a rain shell since I am allergic to umbrellas;-). The shoulder straps are very wide and padded as is the waist belt. This is critical for load distribution and a place where many other bags fall short.

I f I HAD to knock anything, the pack is so roomy and sturdy you might overpack it and it would be super heavy. I would also like to see the laptop sleeve modified to tote around your laptop brick somehow as well. For the exterior, I could see home some might want more molle but the four on the front are enough for me.

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