Stuxnet is a US-Israeli joint operation

The NY Times published an article which does not cite named sources. This is normal and acceptable in journalism, I won't beat that horse. I would like to point out that it is all speculation at this point.

The buzz about this started over the weekend and the “confidential sources” part is what’s keeping it interesting. It is worth noting that the source could be Iran itself. The clues in the code, dates and “Myrtus”, could just as easily be a smokescreen. Some speculate those clues were planted to throw investigators from the actual trail. Here’s Iran saying we did it:
Interesting points I observed about the video.
1. No Iranian is shown, scientist or not, in footage with the reactor
2. All signs on walls and doors are in English.
3. Everything in Persian or Farsi or showing Islamic symbols is just paper taped to the walls

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