Smart Grid Security East

I had a great time at this conference and got to meet some great folks. I also had the opportunity to be the first speaker on the first day which really helps the other talks as I set the bar pretty low. My two favorite talks were Travis Goodspeed leaving the crowd in stunned silence with some of his hardware ninjary, and Ido Dubrawsky from Itron during the AMI security workshop. Ido gave a great talk that was grounded in facts which is sadly lacking sometimes. Stephen Chasko and Ed Beroset also gave good talks from a vendor perspective. For the panel-style talks, I naturally enjoyed the penetration testers over most of the policy and strategy panels. I will have to say my favorite moment was a vendor offering perhaps a tiny bit of marketing hype being asked from an audience member "Are you saying you are guaranteeing absolute security from that point forward?" Of course, the vendor was not offering that and the talk proceeded smoothly. I enjoyed that because it represented the spirit of the conference. People spoke openly and disagreed with each other with facts and perspectives without anything devolving into chaos. There was even a meter vendor panel where they seemed to be working towards common goals regarding smart-meter security. A goal going forward is to get SCADA vendors involved and provide utilities with a way to share security-related information if they are experiencing an incident.

I was also privileged to connect with several gentlemen and ladies considered by many to be the leading experts in the efforts to make the smart grid secure. I cannot list them all but literally everyone I met was making a contribution to this effort. I can't wait to see the next event, it should be even better.

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