WebProxy and Intrusion Prevention Products

Many intrusion prevention products are currently claiming they can sustain speeds of 10Gbps while still fully inspecting the data that flows through them. Upon closer inspection I am learning that several of these devices don't actually come close to that without either significant "tuning down" of the data they inspect, or the augmentation and load balancing with a second device. All of the sales personnel continue to claim 10Gbps and the infamous "best of breed." Thus far I have evaluated the presentation from Juniper and Tipping Point. Shortly, I will have either McAfee or Cisco come in to give their pitch as well. 

The best part is that I am doing all of this while simultaneously evaluating Web Proxy or Secure Internet Gateway appliances. I currently have a McAfee WebWasher appliance installed and am enjoying testing it. It will be gone soon though and I will install a BlueCoat in its place for further testing.

Details to follow.

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