Where's Waldo

I have been enjoying my week at SANSFire in Baltimore taking the Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking class.I haven't been pen testing fro quite a few months and was shocked at how quickly I had forgotten basic skills that used to be second nature. Fortunately my instructor, John Strand, is a great teacher and the course materials are written simply enough for even me.

During the past month I have gotten to meet several interesting groups of people that do some great things. More than one of those groups has extended an offer to let me join them and that is always extremely tempting. Currently, I have decided to stay where I am to try and make the program better. I really like where I work and think the place has loads of potential if we can just crawl out of 1999. We have some hurdles to overcome but I'm confident we can get where we need to be. Four weeks ago I spent six days in Henderson Nevada, last week was in Albuquerque New Mexico, and this week is Baltimore Maryland.

I believe this confidence comes from overcoming the very awesome mullet pictured on this blog.

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